Friday, March 28, 2014

My Favorite Bunny!

Awwww! I was so happy when I saw this Bunny Cake come 
up on Pinterest. Yes ... she's/he's cute, yes ... I like coconut, and yes ... it's easy!  
But that's not why I'm happy.

I'm happy because this brings back many memories of Easters 
past when my Mom made a cake like this for our family, 
AND for the memories, too, of when I made this very same kind of 
cake for my own children and our Easter get-togethers.

Some things never go out of style or get old ... 
they just get better because they touch a soft spot in our hearts.  

Two simple, strategic cuts on a round cake will instantly transform your cake 
layers into a Bunny ...  and with a bow tie, if you like!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Faux Flower Wreath

You have to admit it.  The things you can do with paper punches these days! 
Even if you have a limited supply of punches, you can easily cut any size paper flower you would like ... just with a pair of scissors. These are beautiful, but one of the reasons they capture our eye so much is because of the layering.  Look carefully.  Each flower has at least two layers and the colors, patterns, and sizes vary. So get out the scrapbook papers (this is a good time to use up those leftover pieces), cut a whole variety of shapes and sizes and then glue them onto a base.  What to use for a base?  A simple styrofoam base would work well.

Here's an little extra idea ...
Use the flowers you cut and glue them around the upper 
and/or lower edge of an inexpensive lamp shade.  What if you don't happen to have an extra lampshade lying around?  Cut a strip of poster board about 1 1/2" wide and as long as it takes to go around the shade, plus at least an inch to overlap & glue (or staple) to itself to make a circle.  It needs to fit a little snug and it's best to use a shade that flares out at the lower edge.  Glue your flowers to that strip (not the shade) and then slip the strip of flowers onto the shade.  When you want to change back to your original shade ... you can! 
Just slip the flower strip off the shade.
p.s. - You could just glue the edges of the flowers together and on top of each other to make something like a lei ... then slip it onto your shade at the top. 
NOTE:  Because these are made of paper, they are not 
recommended for outdoor use ... unless you want wilted flowers!

Picture from Pinterest ...

Every Bunny Loves Easter!

Me ... a bunny?
Sure, why not?  With a few simple supplies, you, too, can be a bunny!  What a great photo-op for your kids, your family or group.  Let everyone make their own and you can have a whole bunch, or a herd, or what ever you call a group of bunnies. 

Here's a suggestion and it won't take much time.  Instead of leaving the popsicle stick bare ... why not cut a carrot shape from orange construction paper (or color it orange), then glue it to the stick with the pointy end up. Add a couple of green leaf shapes to the bottom and when the "mask" is held, it will look like you are holding a carrot!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some Bunny Loves You!


Every child, no matter the age, can do this craft and the younger ones will 
find it pretty amazing that the end product is a BUNNY!  
(So simple it amazes me, too!)  
The instructions are right here on the pink hand and 
you get a feeling for the face and ears.  Each one will be unique.  
I think this is simply fun & simply sweet!

Say Cheeeee-tos

It doesn't get much easier than this!  Everyone knows what Cheetos are ... and they are everywhere.  The cone shaped wrapper for these are made by Wilton and they are for "piping" icing on cakes.  These, too, are available at most of the big craft stores.  You can fill them a little - or a lot - then tie them off with some curly package ribbon.  Ric-Rac was used here but you will get a very cute effect with the inexpensive ribbon, too.

Wouldn't these be great in someone's lunch bag?

Fun Dough

Homemade play dough isn't new on the scene ... but making it look like a carrot is!
It's really nice to see that there are still folks out there who see the value in moving away from chocolate and sweets.  Don't get me wrong ... I like a chocolate marshmallow Easter Egg as much as the next person ... but this looks like a fun afternoon activity to me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Egg~ceptional . . .

Several sites have the directions for making the Resurrection Eggs, but in case you would like to make these and you don't have directions yet ... 
here they are.

Directions & supplies for the Resurrection Eggs are right HERE!